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Welcome to B.U's Brand Design page! Here is where you can choose from a variety of logo concepts for your business, or make special requests for other branding design necessities to meet your business needs! Brand design is a specific type of design project used for identification and representations of one's brand. The elements that Business Unified uses to create branding designs help reflect the brand's purpose and represent them personally. Business Unified is all about helping to build company value and brand identity. This custom service can act like a branding agency to help aid you in creating a specialized logos for your business. By selecting a template or making a special request by filing in the credentials below, you are able to create a logo personalized just the way you'd like! 

Business Unified has a variety of designs for your personal and commercial branding. No matter if you're a small business, a big business, corporation, enterprise, or a start-up, you can customize your branding and choose from a wide selection of B.U's preset designs!







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The pictures shown above are examples of branding design I've created for s few clients of mine. Those are examples of the logo variations and mockups I create for branding identity and so my clients can have a variety of logos they can use and what they can use them for:


~ Business cards

~ Brochures

~ Magazines

~ Catalogues

~ General posts

~ Website decor/elemental decor

...and more!


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